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Download Satchel Vs Garage Door Rust PNG. See full list on How many ammo does it take to rust a garage door?

Rust Explosives Damage Guide Cyber Space Gamers from

Is there a way to make a garage door rust? Jan 07, 2021 · to destroy a garage door, it takes nine satchel charges in total. With the above settings a standard 1000 hp wooden wall will take 5 days until is has decayed completely and take 0.693645 hp damage every 300 / 60.

The satchel charge is a craftable explosive that can be thrown on towers, doors and deployable items.

The garage door doesn't have any wings and thus opening and closing does not require any extra space. The time it takes to detonate is unpredictable, much like the beancan grenade, with the same random fuse times and the chance of being a dud. 4 beancan grenades 1 small stash. How long does it take for a garage door to decay rust?

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